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Put Your Middle Finger Up

You want some life advice?

Do whatever the f*ck you want with your life.

It’s that simple.

There’s no right answer. There’s no wrong one. There’s only what works for you and screw what everyone else says. Sometimes things that work for you won’t later on, and you know what? That’s just fine. Move on to something else.

Sorry for being so blunt at the start here, but there’s no point in fluffing it all up. Fluff is part of what’s causing you suffering. Sometimes it’s great to get slapped in the face by truth.

The whole world will tell you to live and believe a certain way, but f*ck that. Everyone has their own perspective and their own way of calculating things in life but none of that really matters. Their calculations are based on their own experience and their own selfish desires. And usually their experience and viewpoints are inherited from their church or their parents or Fox News or something like that.

But, seriously, listen… when you really get down to it, no one has a freaking clue what they’re talking about. No one has the answers to life. No one really knows what’s going on. No one knows where we’re going. No one really knows anything. All they want is their junk food, cool gadgets and cheap nightly entertainment to keep them from being bored and having to face themselves. And if they say they do know how things work – in this life or beyond – well, hold on to your wallet because you’re getting sold a big heaping pile of bullsh*t.

We’re all just making it up as we go and playing a big game of pretend where a very small percentage are calling the shots and the rest just follow like dumb sheep. Some just try to force their way onto others and make you feel bad if you don’t do it their way, or their church’s way, or whatever. But when it comes down to it, everyone is just as lost as you feel you are now. They just don’t have the guts to admit it. When you notice yourself feeling pretty sh*tty about life, it’s probably because you know deep down within that you’re being a sheep and looking for someone outside of you to tell you how to be happy and at peace. You don’t need anyone’s permission, I promise you. Nor do you need instructions. You have a built in system that’s working perfectly.

Their way isn’t the right way… it’s just A way. One way out of countless ways to approach and get through life. One that may have worked for them, but might now work for you. Your job is to quickly figure out what works for you and run with that shiz through life like your dangly parts are on fire.

So when it comes down to it, you can listen to advice if you want, or don’t. Either way, you should probably do what you feel is right for your own life. This doesn’t mean you have to be a dick to people. I mean, you can, if that’s what you feel you need to do. But you have the choice to do wonderful things at all times not only for yourself but for others as well. It simply comes down to listening to your own voice, or listening to theirs. Listening to your heart, or listen to the safe path of conformity and expectation. Listen to their truth, or listen to your own.

If you hate your job, leave it. Go find a new one. Sure it’s not as easy as it sounds sometimes, but, yet, it totally can be. It’s just a matter of making it happen. Start applying around. Take some classes – either at a school or just online. Keep focused on what you want and where you want to go. Something always comes up. And when it does, you can look back and see that it wasn’t really that big of a deal. You were more afraid of the “what-if” questions than anything else. People do it all the time, some even change careers and go the opposite direction in life. But, they do it and they feel great about it. If they can, why can’t you?

If you hate your relationship, get out of it. Or if you don’t want to go that far, work with your partner with full authenticity and openness to resolve any issues. Be honest with yourself and them. Just be careful to not throw out expectations and lists of things you demand they change and become in order for you to feel a certain way. Don’t be a dick and put the weight of expectations on someone else and make them feel responsible for your emotional state. That’s not their job. In fact, don’t be a dick, period. Fix yourself. A lot of relationship issues are when one person demands another person fix or cater to their issues and gets hurt when they don’t. Silly, right? I bet if you really looked at yourself and your problematic relationship, and be honest with yourself, you can find just as much to blame on yourself as you would your partner.

Use your relationship(s) to grow, expand, develop and give more OF yourself – not more TO yourself. Don’t put in the effort just to feel comfortable, safe, secure and desired. If you knew who you truly were you wouldn’t ever be afraid and wouldn’t need someone else to patch your holes and fix you. You wouldn’t create this relationship as a direct bartering channel of love, sex and companionship. Sadly, a lot of relationships are built for those purposes.

A relationship full of expectations and demands is one based on fear and idleness.

A relationship that promotes freedom, growth, development, trust, and supporting each other to grow and expand each others talents, skills, experiences, and life, is based on love.

Check yourself.

(Check this out to read more about Romantic Love vs Real Love)

Are you demanding that your partner fix you and make you feel secure, safe, comfortable, desired, fulfilled, etc.?

You can always change your approach to your relationships at any moment. Your life. Your choice.

If you’re battling your own internal demons, make a choice about how you are going to respond to it. Whether it’s depression, cancer, a divorce, or repeating explosive diarrhea, do you let it consume you and take that as your new identity? Or do you face it using the tools and resources you have available and create whatever identity you want?

Psst., there’s always something available. Whether it be counseling services, medicines, exercise, books, movies, seminars or programs, meditation, environmental changes, or a million other things, there’s always something you can do right now to help you get to the next step. And yes, I said “next step”. I didn’t say resolve the issues completely, immediately. Sometimes that can happen – often times not. The point is to get moving in the direction you want to go instead of putting your focus and energy into where you don’t want to be.

So, hell yeah, take that step. But don’t get down about yourself for taking a step instead of jumping ahead 6 miles. Sure, we all get down. Sometimes it feels good to simmer and sulk in the mud for a while and complain about the rain. But at some point you need to shake it off, cash in your points for gained experience, and try again. You do what you gotta do and keep going. “Just keep swimming”, as the little blue Disney cartoon fish said. Making a choice to sit and sulk is still making a choice. And with every choice it brings results. If you don’t like where you are, try something else. Simple. And maybe you can realize that the rain comes and goes so the flowers can grow. Beauty and ugliness work together. In fact, they are the same thing. They need each other. Just the same as your negative experiences in life are the ground for which the flowers spawn and grow out of. Sounds pretty, right? Well, take it as truth because that’s how life works.

But check this out though… have you ever thought that maybe trying to play along with what everyone else thinks, wants and desires for you is what’s causing your suffering? Maybe trying to fit into the little bubble of societies expectations and fitting into a pre-destined path for life is sucking your soul and passion for life and adventure. Maybe you don’t just need a vacation. Maybe you need to move to a new city, drop your dead beat friends (or lover) and embrace a path of dedication towards your own feelings, desires and life overall. Or, whatever it might be. Maybe you just need to chase after your art instead of becoming a lawyer. Maybe you need to start exercising and get the blood pumping and shake up the chemical makeup a bit. Maybe you need to talk to a counselor and get some assistance and get to a place where you’re pro-active about life instead of responsive to life. Point is, dropping your mindset of being a follower that goes along the river of bullsh*t and instead hops on the train towards passion, freedom, and truth.

Maybe putting your middle finger in the air and going your own way is exactly what you need right now! And maybe not just for right now, but for the rest of your life!

When it comes down to it, don’t believe a damn thing I say. In fact, don’t believe what anyone says. Listen to your own voice and your own truth. Take the road you feel carries the most adventure that aligns with your soul in such a way it burns and burns with the orgasmic residue of lustful passion. Run downhill. Soak up some sun. Play in the water. Throw some snowballs or chase some chickens. Lay down and stare at the stars with wonder, imagination and limitless purity. Or just smile for the sake of smiling.

This. Is. F*cking. Life.

Your life.

You can do whatever you want to do. Go for your dream job. Plan the vacation. Learn whatever excites you. Have all the adventures you want to have. I know our society has created a horrible maze that we require everyone to follow in order to make it to wherever we think we’re supposed to go. We promote earning more money and buying more things as the way to truth, happiness, peace and love. But you know what? It’s all a big, fat lie. There’s nowhere to go and nothing to get to. Look at where that path is getting us. Look at where it’s getting you. How do you feel right now? Instead of playing along in the rat race of buying more and consuming more, maybe direct your focus towards unlocking and exploring all the dark corners of your entire Being and figure out who you are through the never-ending contrast that life presents to you. That contrast is your greatest teacher. And with it you can choose who you truly are at all times in response to anything and everything. It’s a process of creation, discovery and awareness. The world will try to make you fit into the little bubbles and pathways that society has created. But please, please, do not follow those. Follow your heart instead. Follow your truth instead. Follow love instead.

Or not.

In all things you are either giving love, or asking for love. It’s easy to figure out where you are on the scale. If you’re feeling down in any way, you’re probably asking for love. If you’re feeling joy of any kind, you’re probably giving love. Try to live your life in a way where you feel you are giving more love than you are asking for. Use your emotions as your guide to help you become aware of where you are on the scale of things. It’s your life, your own guidelines and your own scale, so don’t bother comparing with others or letting them sway you one way or another. Follow your joy. Things just seem to be better that way. But don’t believe me. Try it out for yourself and see where it gets you…

… or not.

It’s all, always, your choice.

Forget everything else.

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