I Love Myself : Awakening

One Major Decision for Life

Here’s how our society seems to work…

Our saviors are in the past.

Our rewards are in the future.

There’s always somewhere else to be and something else to have. Happiness, fulfillment and love are always just around the corner. We’re told they can be purchased, obtained and rewarded.

Just buy more stuff.

Get the next promotion.

Get the fake boobs.

Get more money.

Get the bigger house.

Become famous.

Never do we stop, be present, and go within to question all of these things. Never do we stop and embrace our own truth.

It’s too scary.

Unhappiness is too familiar. It’s safer and easier – or so we think.

Eventually we’re faced with one main decision: Continue with a life of illusion, or, embrace a life of Truth.

Continue down the path of consuming more and more in order to feel better about who we are. Or become aware of the systems that are in place to enslave us and keep us working, consuming and repeating, and set those patterns aside like a child sets aside an unwanted toy.

Live through ignorance. Or live intentionally.

Stay asleep and unaware. Or become awake.

You are not something that can be completed by monetary or physical means. But we are taught and setup for a system that wants you to never stop consuming more stuff. A need will be developed to make you feel as though you are incomplete and aren’t good enough unless you acquire and become more.

We’re taught that who we are is what we do, what we have, and what others think about us. We’re programmed to satisfy these areas from an early age. But who is it that’s being programmed? Who is it’s that existed before the programming took place? Who were you when you were born and void of any programming, memory, habits and patterns? Were you not who you are now?

Who were you before you were taught to hate yourself?


Go within.


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